Namaste! Here, at Statistical Study Group, we present to you reliable and unbiased statistical study reports pertaining to various development indices and geographic as well as demographic parameters. We try to source the data preferably from some government agencies or ministries. In the event of the data being unavailable, we use the data from the 3rd party sources. In various cases, the data is obtained through several RTIs too. We are strictly against the business of data and hence we have decided to keep all our reports free to download. Anyone and everyone can use our studies for free, but it is advisable to keep us posted in case our reports are being circulated somewhere / posted somewhere / republished somewhere / used somewhere either in the processes of litigation or in the process of mass awakening or otherwise.

There will be reports published at regular intervals, however, if anyone wishes any particular study to be carried out, a request may be posted on our email ID, which can be found in the Contact Us section. The study may be carried out subject to the availability of reliable data and to the convenience of the team.

Please visit the Reports section to view our statistical reports.

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